Hello Finance Connoisseurs!

Teen Finance Tips is here to help bridge the gap between financial education and financial ignorance.

We work with educators, parents, and young adults to bridge the gap in a failing education system that neglects to teach high schoolers, teenagers, young adults (you know who you are) financial security and financial freedom.


And it doesn't have to be that scary! Financial literacy and planning ahead with your money can pave the way for a smooth financial future.

How Much Are You Saving?

Whenever I can
Less than $50 per month
$50 - $100 per month
$100 - $250 per month
$250 - $500 per month
More than $500 per month

Wherever you stand right now, that's okay! We're here to provide you with tips and techniques to get in the green.

How We Help

Establishing healthy habits with your spending, budgeting, and credit as a teenager or young adult can make a world of difference when you're older. By just coming here you're already being proactive in securing your financial future. You have time on your side and it's up to you to take advantage of it - and we're here to help!