10 Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds

10 Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds

A lot changes for most teens when they’re finally “sweet sixteen”. Maybe you get your license, a car, and a little bit of freedom for once! All you want to do is drive around and hang out with your friends right? The last thing you probably want to think about, let alone do is work. Well sorry, kid. Gotta pay for gas somehow. But let’s make it worth your time and take a look at some of the best jobs to get when you’re 16 years old.

10 Great Jobs to Make Sixteen Sweeter

Before you start the job hunt, think of what you want out of this. You’ll have to consider how you will balance other obligations and priorities, as well as maintaining a personal life outside of work and school. Are you simply looking for a summer job while school is out? Are you looking for jobs for 16 year olds with good pay? Or are you more focused on the bigger picture and looking to get your foot in the door in an industry you plan to build a career in?

Traditional Teen Jobs

If you are looking for your standard high school job, there are typically plenty of positions available. You just have to seek them out. These jobs are great for paying for gas, having some extra spending cash, and being able to start building a savings, all without dedicating too much time and taking away from schooling and fun. A lot of these positions may even be available as part time or have flexible hours.

1) Car Wash

Believe it or not, a car wash in a busy part of town can bring in quite a lot of money. Usually you’ll get a small hourly wage and tips on top of that. Go the extra mile and be friendly. Learn what appeals to your customers and you can make a lot of money at 16 years old.

2) Delivery Driver

The stereotypical teenage pizza delivery kid. Well, it works! Again, relying heavily on tips, this can be a great option to pursue if you’ve bought a car that’s good on gas mileage. And at the same time you can cure that itch to drive.

3) Restaurant

Many people would argue that everyone should work in the restaurant business at some point in their life and here at Teen Finance Tips, we agree completely. The restaurant life will teach you a lot, which turn into skills you can carry on to other jobs. So consider applying at a local restaurant for a server, line cook, or host position.

4) Landscaping

If you are outdoorsy and enjoy the fresh air, you could consider more of a seasonal job for teenagers. This can be great if you’re looking to bank cash fast with a summer job at 16. Many companies also carry over into the winter season depending on where you live, for snow removal as well.

5) Cashier

Retail jobs can be tough, but they can also be very rewarding. You’ll learn to interact and communicate with people, both pleasant and unpleasant – an invaluable skill in any industry.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

If the standard jobs for teens aren’t quite up to par for you, consider paving your own career path to start. If you’re business-minded and motivated you could build up a killer portfolio and references to showcase your skills, making it infinitely easier to land your dream job in the industry you’re in.

1) Web Designer

Designing websites is a huge and growing industry. In the world we live in today, you can find pretty much anything you need online. Whether you learn to custom code or utilize platforms like WordPress, web design can be fun and very profitable. Consider reaching out to local businesses that don’t have a website, or have one that’s well… hideous (there are a lot of those). Just be sure to do your research first, preparation is key.

2) Drop Ship Stores

Piggybacking on being a web designer, you could also form a small business yourself. Drop ship stores are becoming increasingly popular. These are sites where you work with a supplier to promote and sell their products through your site. The supplier handles all order processing, shipping, and returns. So you don’t have to worry about handling any inventory. Once you complete the setup work, this can be a great source of passive income.

3) Blogger / Freelance Writer

If writing is your strength,  take advantage of it. You could create your own blog, or write independently for others. Learning to effectively research and write for the web can open up many doors for writers who are willing to contribute to other websites.

4) Graphic Designer

Good graphics will make or break a lot in advertising and marketing. Whether these graphics are on websites, billboards, magazines, or anywhere else – they have a tremendous impact on their audience. If you’re creative, good with design programs, and understand how to appeal to emotions in design – this could be the route for you.

5) Social Media

Wait, you can get paid to post on social media all day? Yes, but it’s not that easy. You’ll have to be very dedicated and good with marketing. Depending on the platform, there are usually user traffic or engagement benchmarks that, once you pass, allow you to host ads on your profile or channel.

Limitations of Finding a Job at 16

Finding a great job at such a young age isn’t always easy, but it is possible. You’ll need to find a company that provides jobs that hire at 16. It’s likely that you’ll find that many businesses require eighteen and up. There are a whole different set of laws and regulations for employing minors, which can prove challenging to accommodate for some businesses. This is the reason that you’ll often come across opportunities for working under the table at a young age.

Once you’ve found a company that will hire 16 year olds, you also have to overcome lack of experience and credentials. No prior job experiences, no references, and no diploma or degree can make job hunting tough and really limit your options. The good part is that no potential employer in their right mind would expect you to have much experience at this point. However, you’ll have to nail the interview to show that you are qualified and can contribute to the company. Taking time to prepare for your interview is crucial.