Eliminate the Gap in Modern Education

It is our mission to give every young adult, and student, the ample opportunity to start their lives off on the right food. We strive to bridge the gap between financial education and financial ignorance. So many schools across the United States, and even the world, neglect to teach young adults about finance.



That’s our mission – we are here to change how young adults view finance.



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To achieve our ultimate goal of changing how young adults view finance, we adopt two core methods:

Finance Guides

We break down the “hard” concepts of finance into sizable chunks so you’re not over burdened with industry jargon, buzz words, or get rich quick schemes forcing you to make the wrong decisions.

Learning Resources

We provide useful resources for individuals, teachers, parents, and even industry professionals to stay on top of their finance game. If you’re looking for innovative ways to learn finance – we have something for you.

Stance on Finance & Education

Here at Teen Finance Tips, we believe in effort and dedication, and we strive to help out everyone that displays these qualities. You can’t help anyone that isn’t willing to help themselves, or accept the help you offer. That’s why we focus on providing helpful finance tips and credit advice to motivated teens and young adults.


To put it simply, we aim to give teens the credit and finance tips we wish we had.


Getting a head start at a young age with your credit and finances can pave the way to a very comfortable future. We’re not going to feed you lies and “too good to be true” stories. True financial progress doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s not what we’re here to do.


Through our articles, along with the tools and resources we provide within them, you’ll be able to begin establishing healthy financial habits and possess the knowledge required to make smart financial decisions. We urge you to pass this on and help others. Whether it is a friend, a younger sibling, or even your parents, share the resources that you’ve benefited from and push them to do the same.