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Banking is an industry that handles financial transactions. A bank, or credit union, can save your money, lend you money and even handle your investments and retirement.

A bank or credit union can provide a safe place to store your extra cash and credit. These institutions offer several services like savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and checking accounts. They use money deposited in them to fund lending services like home mortgages, business loans, and car loans.

Your Guide to Banks & Credit Unions


At some point in your life you will be using a bank or services from a bank. They are a fundamental component in every individual’s finance journey. Either you’re looking for a savings, checking account or even investments – banks are something you should learn about and gain access to early on.

Credit Unions

An alternative to a standard bank, a credit union, is often a local business that’s tied to the community in some way. These are often better alternatives to a bank for more credit based services and some have higher requirements than a bank.

Banking Fees

A fee is charged to a user for various services at the bank or credit union. These institutions use these fees to pay for the interest, service offerings, employees and more.