How to Make Money at 13

How to Make Money at 13

You’re 13. You want that new iPhone. You want the new game console. You want clothes. We get it. Everyone older than you gets it. Believe me.
In order to make money at 13 you must stick to primarily online based resources. Most states won’t allow you to work under 14, but that’s ok. By taking advantage of your freedom at this age you can set yourself up to possibly make even more money than you can at 16. If you’re that 16 year old, here are some of the best jobs for a 16 year old.
Here are 5 ways you can easily make money at 13 online:

  1. Start a Passive Income Website
  2. Social Media Promotions/Promoter
  3. Surveys, Ads, and Video Participation
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Freelance Graphic Design, Programming, and More

Not sure if you can do any of these? Well.. they will take some time to get up and running from the get go but that’s ok. Remember you’re only 13 years old. You have the rest of your life to worry about money. That’s a big thing with young kids, they want to rush everything and have little to not patience.
Teen Finance Tips can promise you this:

If you’re patient with the work you’re doing online, you will eventually start making money.

Let’s kick this off.

Starting a Passive Income Site at 13

This one is a bit tricky and does take a little bit of startup cash so hopefully you saved your piggy banks. What you’re going to do here is research, yes research. Nobody said this would be easy. You need to find niche markets or topics you’re passionate about. Being passionate about what you’re doing will make it 100x easier to do and you won’t feel burnt out right away. Then once you pick your topic you have to pick a type of site you want to do, the easiest is to whip up a quick WordPress blog and start pounding on the keys.
Examples of Passive Income Sites for a 13 Year Old to Make

  1. Blog/Content Driven Website
  2. Product Review Site
  3. Mobile App Review Site
  4. Affiliate Based Site

I know what you’re thinking – how can I, a 13 year old, make a product review site when I can’t even afford that iPhone I am trying to get? Here is the kicker. These are passive income sites. These are sites you build up and try to automate as much as possible to make you money and you fill it with automated revenue streams like ads or affiliates links. If you do the job right and create some killer content you can be easily making anywhere from $20-100/day – or more. The more effort you put in the more you get in the long run.

Social Media Promotions/Promoter

Be careful with this one – being only 13. We suggest having a parent involved with this one 100%.
However, with that said, you can solicit companies to send you products to review and promote on your social media channels if you have a following. They will send you products that you will review, comment, promote, share, and so on with an affiliate link for users to click on to purchase that product. The more users you get to purchase off of your link the better. This one takes a lot of drive and perseverance but affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make income online.

Surveys, Ads, and Video Participation

This is another one of those to be careful of and not give out too much information. We would advise again that you consult a parent prior to signing up for these types of sites. I won’t list any sites on here, not yet at least, but there are sites out there you can use to take surveys or watch ads that you can generate money on. The amount you make is peanuts compare to the other ways but this is also the easiest way to make money online, even if it’s peanuts.

Product Reviews

This one is kind of like the social media promoter idea so you can really do these together, if you want. You really just test out products and submit reviews on your experience to the company or companies that you work with. It basically goes like this:

  1. A company will send you a product.
  2. You will review the product (typically they expect good reviews).
  3. They will deposit money in your account.

It sounds really easy but it’s a lot of work to get a company to send you a product and there are obviously a few more steps in the process than what we outlined.  This working really depends on your ability to do outreach. However, if you’re successful in doing this at a young age it can lead into some lucrative marketing possibilities later on.

Freelance Graphic Design, Programming, and More

This is pretty plain and simple – sell your work. There are sites out there like Fiverr where you can register and offer your services for cheaper. You can also build a portfolio site to showcase your work which is highly suggested. The main benefit to this, aside from a little bit of cash, is that you’ll build a skill set that’s actually in pretty high demand. There are companies all over the world who hire people with these creative and technical skill sets all the time. By doing something like this you’re building up your marketability skill set for the future.
If you’re going to go this route – we suggest designing and building WordPress themes for the best return on investment. You can easily build a nice theme and sell it for $20-40/download. There are TONS of examples of these where people are making a living by flipping WordPress designs.

So there you have it. You have 5 ways you can start making money online. If you were paying attention you would have realized the trend in these items. Majority of these can be done TOGETHER to maximize your income potential. You can build a blog/content driven website about a niche that reviews products with affiliate links to purchase those products. You can use your social media to build your affiliate marketing empire with your website. You can even tie in your graphic design, programming, or other creative skills to make them even better.
If you do it right and spend a good 6-8 months you can probably build a pretty solid passive income based site taking advantage of all of these avenues.