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Saving Money

Saving money, or a “saving habit” as others call it, is the starting foundation to financial success. Having money saved allows you to invest, buy a car and do countless other financial transactions.

Let’s get this squared away first – saving money is not investing. There is a huge difference between the two and it’s something you should be doing both of when you’re financially stable. There are countless guides, tutorials or “rules” when saving money but the basic principle stays the same. You should be saving as much money as you can while taking advantage of other wealth building techniques.

Your Guide to Saving Money

How to Save Money

The hardest part about saving money is not touching it once you’ve started saving. There are tons of saving guides out there. To take full advantage of these you’re still going to have to walk through the same basic steps starting with understanding your finances and goals. Learn the rest of the steps involved in setting up good saving habits.

Types of Savings Accounts

Not sure where to start or how to start a savings account? You’ve probably heard of a standard savings account offered by a bank but did you know there are several alternatives to a standard account? Many of these “savings accounts” offer much better interest rates and could net you more money in the long run for money you’re not using. Learn how to access these types of accounts and how much you can earn from them.

Emergency Funds

Being prepared for anything life throws at you is a major part of trying to remain financially stable and reaching stability. This is where an emergency fund comes in. These funds should be stocked with several months worth of cash to cover expenses. Do you know how much you should have? We’ll walk you through why you need one and how much you should have.

Saving Money Tips & Tricks


I Am Obsessed with Saving Money

Saving money can be addictive – some people become obsessed with saving money by using creative money saving tricks and turning your savings into a challenge.

Money Calendar for Saving Schedule

What is the 52 Week Money Challenge?

The 52 week money saving challenge can be a great savings technique, especially for teens. Check out our printable chart or spreadsheet and start saving!


Make the Most of a Direct Deposit Savings Account

Increase your savings potential through direct deposit accounts. Save money faster by splitting deposits, without the effort or ever realizing you’re doing it.